After school coding class for grade 5-7
Currently running @ Coyote Creek Elementary, Surrey
Calixio Background

Why Learn Coding Early

  • check A must skill for mordern workplace and careers.
  • check Most big names in tech started coding early.
  • checkImprove logical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • check Improves math skills.
  • checkExplore early to better choose your high school electives.
  • check Give your kids the same advantage as private schools. Most competitive private schools include coding into their curriculum from grade 4 onwards.
  • checkMajority of new STEM jobs are in computing, yet computer science is not available until very late in high school. Other science subjects are introduced early and gradually. It makes sense to learn computer science early too.
  • check Coding knowledge provides a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, and jobs.
  • checkHelps your child explore their interests early so that they can make an informed choice in high school and beyond.