• arrow_forward An after school coding class for grade 5-7 students. The class will run from Sept 11, 2019 to Jun 10, 2020 following the school calendar (total 35 weeks).
  • arrow_forward In this first year the focus will be on learning the basic building blocks of programming. Which will include intro to web programming (HTML and CSS) and advance app/game development using JavaScript.
  • arrow_forward By the end of the year the students will be able to create a website and a web based interactive app/game. See demo to see what students can make.
  • arrow_forward The entire program is planned to span three years. If a student wishes to continue, the year 2 will focus on higher level programming using Python and the year 3 will allow the student to choose an elective such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR, full stack development, etc. to explore career interests.


  • arrow_forwardStudents:
    • check The first year is primarily designed for grade 5-7 students.
    • check Higher grade students will be considered provided they can come to Coyote Creek Elementary in time.
    • check Grade 4 students with a sibling who is doing the class or who are really keen to learn programming will be considered as well.
  • arrow_forwardInstructor: The class will be taught by Nikhil Bhardwaj who has over 18 years of experience (8 year in post-secondary teaching and 10 years in the software industry). Nikhil currently teaches at Douglas College and also teaches a grad course at BCIT once a year. Nikhil was a member of CF army reserves and as part of that, under the cadets program, he also has experience working with youth.


  • send Most big names in tech started coding early.

  • send Give your kids the same advantage as private schools. Most competitive private schools include coding into their curriculum from grade 4 onwards.
  • send Majority of the new STEM jobs are in computing, yet computer science is not available until very late in high school. Other science subjects are introduced early and gradually. It makes sense to learn computer science early too.
  • send Coding knowledge provides a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, and jobs.
  • send Helps your child explore their interests early so that they can make an informed choice in high school and beyond.
  • send Improves logical thinking and creativity.
  • send Improves problem solving skills and persistence.
  • send Coding helps children learn how to have fun with math.
  • send Calixio is a social enterprise, we are driven by community and not profit. Hence the costs, on per hour basis, are comparable to most other extracurricular activities. We also offer limited need based scholarships.

Where, When and How

  • arrow_forward Coyote Creek Elementary
  • arrow_forward In class - Wednesdays 2:40 PM - 4:40 PM (Students will bring their laptop with them)
  • arrow_forward Start Date: September 11, 2019; End Date: June 10, 2020 (35 weeks)
  • arrow_forward Online - Rest of the week. No special hardware/software needed, the only requirement is a laptop (Chromebook, Windows, or Mac) with Chrome browser. Investing in an affordable (under $300) dedicated Chromebook for your son or daughter is the recommended option. Please ask if you need help deciding.
  • arrow_forward The teaching will be based on a blended model. The two hour class will be divided into two parts. In the first hour, we will review what we did the last week, solve any issues and answer questions. In the next hour, we will discuss the coming week's work and how to get started. At home, students will have access to the calixio app and will be provided guidance so that they continue to learn at home. Overall the learning will be driven by the student projects. The students will also work in the teams of two to facilitate team building and problem-solving skills.

How Much

$160/ monthstar

When paid annually (One payment of $1,600 + GST at enrollment)
First priority spots, on first come first serve basis.


$180/ monthstar

When paid in three installments (First payment of $600 + GST at enrollment)
Second priority spots, on application merit plus first come first serve basis.


Custom Plan

We don't want to deny any deserving student. Contact us and we can find a plan which suits you.
Only available if there are still spots left.

  • star The per month amount is for illustration only. The actual cost of $1600 (annual plan) or $1800 (trimester plan) is based on planned 35 weeks of instruction.
  • warning Currently the class is limited to approximately 20 students ONLY!
  • timer Apply early to ensure a spot. No payment required at this point.
  • group Sibling of a student gets 20% discount.
  • school Limited need based scholarships available.